Meta Integration® Model Bridge (MIMB)
"Metadata Integration" Solution

Supported Tools

  is a bridge running on Microsoft Windows only (such as COM based tools).


  is a bridge requiring the tool to be installed in order to access its SDK.


  is a bridge requiring internet access to (and exceptionally a few other tool sites) in order to download the necessary third party software drivers into $HOME/data/download/MIMB/ (such directory can be copied from another MIMB server with internet access).


  is a bridge offering remote tool repository browsing for model selection.


  is a bridge supporting the tool repository with multiple models (allowing for unchanged model reuse in fast incremental harvesting).


  is a bridge supporting incremental harvesting of only what changed from the previous harvesting (saving time harvesting and space by reusing what did not change).


  is a bridge supporting data profiling.


- Beta Bridge  is a beta bridge pending customer validation before becoming a supported GA bridge.


- Unsupported Beta Bridge  is a beta bridge with no current plans for becoming a supported GA bridge.


- Unsupported EOL Bridge  is an older End Of Life (EOL) bridge as the technology/tool is no longer available/supported.


- Vendor Internal Bridge  is a bridge depending on proprietary file formats and SDK for an OEM Partner vendor internal use within their UI, and therefore not usable/accessible by a third party vendor/user.


(via ***)  is not a native bridge for that tool, but just a bridge alias for a third party file format or API that may work on that tool. Thus, any bridge annotated as "via UML" or "via CWM XMI" files is often very limited for many reasons including (a) the many versions of the OMG metamodels and XMI encoding, (b) the many vendor proprietary extensions of the OMG standard, (c) the limited scope of the vendor support (e.g. the DI/ETL support for CWM is often limited to data store definitions, but not the full lineage). Finally, any bridge annotated as "via MIR XMI" is not available outside the original vendor of that tool. Indeed the Meta Integration Repository (MIR) XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) is the proprietary file format internally used by some MIMB OEM partner, but not an official import/export file format of that tool.


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