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MIMB Bridge Documentation

MIMB Import Bridge from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Bridge Specifications

Vendor Microsoft
Tool Name Azure Blob Storage
Tool Version 1.0
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Database] Multi-Model via Java API

Import tool: Microsoft Azure Blob Storage 1.0 (
Import interface: [Database] Multi-Model via Java API from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Import bridge: 'MicrosoftAzureBlobStorage' 10.0.0

IMPORTING FROM Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Service.

This bridge establishes a connection with a choosed bucket in order to extract the physical metadata. It is critical that the parameters are filled correctly in order to satisfy the local connection requirements on the client workstation that runs the bridge. Please refer to the individual parameter's tool tips for more detailed examples.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Storage accoun An Azure storage account provides a unique namespace in the cloud to store and access your data objects in Azure Storage. STRING      
Storage access key A String that represents the Base-64-encoded 512-bit storage account access key, which are used for authentication when the storage is accessed. PASSWORD      
Root directory Set directory containing metadata files or specify it using browsing tool. Bridge provides up to 3 level browsing depth. Don't forget to specify 'Region' parameter for using browsing tool.

Bridge uses only s3a protocol to load files.
f.e. s3a://bucket/dir1/dir2
Include filter Relative to the root path, case sensitive filter of files expressed using the extended unix glob expression pattern syntax (e.g. '/*.csv' - import files that end with .csv in root folder; **.csv - import all .csv files in any directory level).
Exclude filter Similar to the include filter parameter STRING      
Partition directories Files-based partition directories' paths.
The bridge tries to detect partitions automatically. It can take a long time when partitions have a lot of files.
You can shortcut the detection process for a partition by specifying it in this parameter.
Specify the partition directory path relative to the Root directory.
Use . to specify the root directory as the partitioned directory.

Separate multiple paths with the , or ; characters.
For example: dir1/dir2 dir3/dir4 dir5
Miscellaneous Specify miscellaneous options identified with a -letter and value.

For example, -m 4G -f 100 -j -Dname=value -Xms1G

-m the maximum Java memory size whole number (e.g. -m 4G or -m 2500M ).
-s import system objects that are skipped by default (e.g. -s)
-v set environment variable(s) (e.g. -v var1=value -v var2="value with spaces").
-j the last option that is followed by Java command line options (e.g. -j -Dname=value -Xms1G).
-hadoop key1=val1;key2=val2 to manualy set hadoop configuration options


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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