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MIMB Import Bridge from Flat File (CSV)

Bridge Specifications

Vendor ISO
Tool Name Flat File (CSV)
Tool Version N/A
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Flat File] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via CSV, TXT File

Import tool: ISO Flat File (CSV) N/A (
Import interface: [Flat File] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via CSV, TXT File from Flat File (CSV)
Import bridge: 'FlatFile' 10.0.1

Discovers metadata of a flat delimited (CSV) file by sampling its data and examining the file's first row header, if any.
The discovered metadata includes the list of fields, and their names, positions, optionality and data types.

Supports the following field delimiters:
', (comma)' , '; (semicolon)', ': (colon)', '\t (tab)', '| (pipe)', '0x1 (ctrl+A)'
Samples up to 1000 rows.
Uses the machine's local to read files and allows you to specify the character set encoding files use.
Does not support fixed-width files. You can use the Metadata Excel Format bridge to (define and) import formats of fixed-width files.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File Path to file to import FILE *.*   Mandatory
The character set encoding files use.
FYI: The default on Windows is 'Western European (Windows-1252)' and 'Western European (ISO-8859-1)' on other platforms.
When empty the local of the machine reading the file is used.
STRING   windows-1252  
Miscellaneous Specify miscellaneous options identified with a -letter and value.

For example, -m 4G -f 100 -j -Dname=value -Xms1G

-m the maximum Java memory size whole number (e.g. -m 4G or -m 2500M ).
-v set environment variable(s) (e.g. -v var1=value -v var2="value with spaces").
-j the last option that is followed by Java command line options (e.g. -j -Dname=value -Xms1G).
-hadoop key1=val1;key2=val2 to manualy set hadoop configuration options
-tps 10 maximum threads pool size
-tl 3600s processing time limit in s -seconds m - minutes or h hours;
-fl 1000 processing files count limit;


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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